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New SPA MUSIC Album for Massage Therapists from Meditation Orchestra by Brian Cimins and Friends

We are excited to release a new SPA MUSIC Album for Massage Therapists from Meditation Orchestra by Brian Cimins and Friends

NEW 9-Track Album from Meditation Orchestra by Brian Cimins and Friends

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Son of God Movie Inspired Musical Composition by Brian Cimins

In 2013, a multi-part mini-series called “The Bible” was released famously for free on television, then in 2014, FOX released all of the series as one movie called “Son of God” (see sample video below).

While working, training and mentoring with some of the world’s best musicians, they repeatedly told me to pick a scene in a movie you love and write a musical score for it. Here’s my first shot at a musical composition for a major motion picture.

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Thank you two amazing artists, So-Far-I and Kaleb Mitchell for the motivation to step into the light. Single to be released soon.

Son of God footage used under creative commons with permission and tracked via FOX to Glorify Jesus Christ with Original Music Composition by Brian Cimins

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Son of God Movie with Musical Composition to Glorify Jesus Christ by Brian Cimins and Meditation Orchestra

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Please also check out our “Mother Teresa” mini-documentary:

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MANTRA – Meditation and Sleep Deprivation Short Poem by Brian Cimins

Meditation and Sleep Deprivation Mantra and Short Poem by Brian Cimins at

Early to Rise, Late to Bed,
Some days, take a Nap Instead,
Don’t worry, just sleep when you will,
Try meditation to make your mind quiet and still


Please Spread the Word - 48% Reduction in Heart Attacks and Stroke through Meditation - Study by American Heart Association

Original study:

Time Magazine publication:


TIME Magazine reported that a study from the American Heart Association shows that regular meditation was correlated with a 48% reduced rate of heart attack and stroke. Blood pressure was reduced and anger decreased significantly among the meditation group. They also showed a trend towards reduced smoking.

“It appears that Transcendental Meditation is a technique that turns on the body’s own pharmacy – to repair and maintain itself.” said lead researcher Dr Robert Schneider, director of the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention in Iowa. Dr Schneider added: “Transcendental Meditation may reduce heart disease risks for both healthy people and those with diagnosed heart conditions.”

“The research on Transcendental Meditation and cardiovascular disease is established well enough that doctors may safely and routinely prescribe stress reduction for their patients with this easy to implement, standardised and practical programme.”

The study was funded by the US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Studies on the effects of mediation have been done countless times, but this is by far the most prestigious and recognized study to date, proving that simply meditating 20 minutes twice a day can cut your chances of sudden death, heart attack, and stroke in half immediately. What man-mad pill can do that?

There is this awesome CD that is made for meditation that matches the vibrational frequency in Hertz (sound waves) with the vibrational frequency of the colour of the chakra in TeraHertz (light waves). In other words, the sound and tones of the colour of the chakra is played to stimulate that energy system during meditation to promote spiritual and physical health. This feels amazingly self-empowering and peaceful. I highly recommend it. Samples available to listen here:

Original study:

Time Magazine publication:

WedMd summary:

Chameleons Turn Grey When Depressed


Chameleons can change their skin color, but they also change according to mood. Some turn GRAY when depressed or stressed.

What color are you when Depressed?
What color would you be when you are HAPPY?

Leave your feedback below

Daily Positive Affirmation for Kids and Parents with Brian Cimins – Every Day in Every Way, I’m Getting Better

Please enjoy another “Positive Affirmation for Kids” with Logan John Cimins, 5-year-old son of Life Coach and Grapplers Quest founder, Brian Cimins

“Every Day in Every Way, I’m Getting Better”
– Logan Cimins inspired by American Monk, Burt Goldman

This great positive affirmation is inspired by one of my mentors, Burt Goldman, aka “The American Monk”. It can be used at ANY age, especially for people who’ve been sick or with some type of long term illness.

People who consistently wait for others to ask, “How are you doing?” or “How are you feeling?”, just to launch into a 30 minute conversation about how much pain they are in or how bad something hurts or aches. Complaining and reliving an “old injury” is just magnifying the problem to you and the listening party.

Complaining doesn’t allow you to focus on your progress, however big or small, you are just wallowing in your pain. I broke my back in a martial arts competition on December 2, 2000 and was nearly paralyzed. As a martial arts event promoter, I refused to let my scary story give a black eye to the sport. I set out to completely recreate my mental frame of mind to help others deal with challenging situations, something life always seems to deliver.

Even if you are in pain, please realize EVERYONE “suffers” in their own way. By responding with a more uplifting and inspirational response, even if you are in pain when the person asks, you will quickly accelerate your own healing, even if just in your mind – at least it’s a start. Start healing in your mind first and YOUR body will follow. You must believe in this, if you really want to live pain free.

Give it a try, start today and repeat this Affirmation and Mantra every day for 30 days, “Every Day in Every Way, I’m Getting Better”.

Until next time, BE positive 🙂

With your success and happiness in mind
Your Strategy Coach,
Brian J. Cimins

Great 7 Minute Meditation for Beginners and Advanced Alike

Meditation is not religion, it’s exercise for your brain on how to relax and shut down after a crazy hectic lifestyle.

You can watch this video first, but please try a full closed eye guided peace meditation. Clear your mind of everything and just listen to it opening your heart and soul. If you need something to focus on, look at the PHOTOS in the video and close your eyes to imagine the same image.

Set your intention before you listen to it. If you wish to relax before bed, make that your focus. If you want it to awaken the creativity of your beautiful mind, make that your focus. Just try it, at least once and share your experiences below.

How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind – How to Heal Your Life from the Inside Out by Brian Cimins

Many therapists and psychiatrists agree that our Subconscious mind “runs the show” for your mental and physical reality. Our thoughts, whether conscious or not, manifest themselves in our every day life. Thoughts become things. If we are thinking positively, more positive energy and things are drawn towards us. Can we re-program and remove negative thoughts from our subconscious mind? The answer is YES – I learned to do it in my sleep and through daily guided meditation with Mind Master Hypnosis Program at:

If you are constantly calling yourself names every time you make a mistake, even just with thoughts, like if you drop something and simply say to yourself, “I’m such an idiot” – your subconscious mind believes that about yourself, which isn’t fair, nice or accurate. If someone else called you an “Idiot” or another bad word, you’d be super mad and NEVER tolerate that right? From this point forward, don’t speak another negative word to yourself about yourself, for the rest of the world will say enough negative things about you, whether they know you or not. You can learn to reprogram your subconscious mind by guided meditation and advanced level hypnosis while you sleep – treat yourself like you are your best friend. Find out how to Master Your Mind with Hypnosis and Guided Meditation at:

Master Your Mind and You Master Your Life!

Keep pushing forward through the storm – the light shines aheads of us all!

With Your Success in Mind,
Brian J. Cimins,
Strategic Interventionist

hope_saves_the_day_grappling_autism-1ALARMING STATS: Did you know 1 in 88 children are diagnosed with Autism? Have you heard about our fundraising program for AUTISM, we’re helping so many families and business alike. It’s called “Coaching for Autism” and includes 5 Hours of Life and Business consulting with Tony Robbins and Chloe Madannes trained Life Coach, Brian Cimins – find out more at:

How To Meditate For Kids: A Children’s Guide to Peace

My 5-year-old son, Logan and I do this nearly every night. He absolutely loves the concept of being able to fly in his mind. Meditation is a very important part of personal growth in life. It’s so very hard for some people to turn everything off and just be alone with their thoughts, being able to empty their mind and just be at peace. I’ve been there, I’ve been woken in the middle of my sleep with a racing thought that seemed to build an endless task list, the never-ending to-do list. I truly didn’t have peace of mind, I needed to seek and destroy my internal fears to fully emerge. Showing other people how to achieve the next level of happiness and success is what I was meant to do. Please try this with your child (or alone), it’s a great introduction to meditation.

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