Lyrics to I Wanna Minecraft – 80s Rock Mine Craft Song Parody of Twisted Sister I Wanna Rock Original by Dee Snider Official Lyrics to I Wanna Mine (Craft) by Logan John Lennon Cimins, Kaylee Paige Cimins, Lucia Lee Cimins and Brian Cimins ENJOY LIFE FAMILIES, BE CREATORS! Lyrics to "I Want To Mine Craft" Parody of “I Wanna Rock” Original by Dee Snider and Twisted Sister I WANNA MINE! (CRAFT) I WANNA MINE! (CRAFT) I... Continue Reading →

Music Video – I Wanna Minecraft – Song Parody of I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister and Dee Snider from Stay Hungry Music Album Song written as a family bonding project led by 6-Year-Old, Logan John Cimins and 4-Year-Old, Kaylee Paige Cimins due to their absolute LOVE for Minecraft with help from Lucia Lee Cimins and Brian John Cimins. CIMING FAMILY PROJECT FOR JANUARY 2014: Logan loves playing Minecraft and even wanted to join his school's Minecraft club.... Continue Reading →

What do you want to do with YOUR Life? Asked Dee Snider of Twisted Sister in I Wanna Rock Music Video – Parody World Release of I Wanna Minecraft Parody Song Due Out This Month It's a great question - What do you want to do with YOUR life? Dee Snider believed in himself and proved to the world you can live your dreams. He is an American Rock legend and business entrepreneur icon jumping from music to movies and extending his talent to causes such as Autism. Wikipedia... Continue Reading →

I WANNA MINECRAFT – Sneak Preview of Dee Snider of Twisted Sister in Minecraft Music Video Song Parody My 6-year-old son, Logan John Cimins and my 4-year-old daughter, Kaylee Paige Cimins and wife, Lucia Lee Cimins wrote a song parody called "I Wanna Mine (Craft)" and it's due out soon on iTunes including a full music video on YouTube. We wanted to celebrate how amazingly engaged our children were with Minecraft and... Continue Reading →

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