A Parable of Forgiveness: Brewing and Drinking Acid and Steeping in Resentment Every Day Destroys Us and our Relationship with Jesus Christ by Brian Cimins

Forgiveness-Quote-Parable-Drink-Acid-or-Grace-From-Jesus“For me, lack of forgiveness, anger and resentment were my greatest addictions. It was like brewing and drinking a cup of acid every day. I was addicted to the pain and my mind constantly reminded me I was thirsty for it every angst filled day. The enemy, the Devil who deceives the whole world, even appears as an angel of light and whispers,
“Remember what he or she did to you?” or “remember all those who stole money or ideas from you?” or “remember those who let you down and hurt you? Drink the acid.” The acid started destroying me, figuratively speaking, it wore away my lips, my tongue, my throat, it destroyed my stomach and sweat out my pores burning my skin. Lack of forgiveness was my TRUE addiction and when I physically, emotionally and spiritually destroyed myself with lack of forgiveness and I could no longer drink the painful acid, then anger, resentment, sadness and revenge set in, new BROAD paths to future destruction. I would, figuratively speaking, verbally throw acid on those who harmed me or closest to me, every time I suffered or was accused of the past. Father God, brothers and sisters, beloved ones, please forgive my transgressions, my sins of the past. I was blind and now I see. Jesus showed me how much He loved me. He called my name and I learned who He was and He revealed to me how He forgave the ones who killed Him while hanging on the cross said, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”. How could I not forgive others with all He did for us? Jesus is the only one who can truly heal our broken hearts and souls, He taught us ultimate forgiveness and give us eternal life with Him. We are saved by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ…”He restores my soul”. Please put down the cup of acid, remember He forgave ALL on the Cross, even while we were still sinners giving us eternal life to those who simply believed in Him. Please put down your cup, “go and sin no more”, don’t brew more anger, don’t steep resentment tea, remember what He did for us and forgive someone today, even wretched sinners, just like you and just like me.” – Brian J. Cimins of http://YourStrategyCoach.com

I must admit that I am some obscure Author of too many Books including the sequel to “More Was Never Enough” (154,000,000 views and growing on YouTube) but too ashamed or uncomfortable about their content to release them in the Past.

Thank you for bringing me “into the cave” Seth Haines (Author of ‘Coming Clean’) and Mark McVeigh for asking the right question to me to break me out of the shell I’d been in so long. Sometimes, we must admit the divine appointments as the miracles unfold and express the gratitude overflowing from the result of those blessings.


Thank you to my mentors Pastor Andrew Rappaport (the one who brought me to Jesus), Frank Mullis, Dave Gustavson, Ted Voltmer, the brave men of women of ‘More Than Conquerors’, all the amazing people at The Chapel who help others out of the kindness of their hearts, all of those who volunteer to serve others in time of need, thank you to all my brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you and blessings to those who’ve hurt me and a special thanks to my Pastor of Care, Pastor Mike Bethune who’s strength perfected by weakness has been personified before me to be a guiding example.  “Start walking”, he said, “Walk by faith and not by sight”, He said.  Here I am…God Bless you always and forever in your walk with Him or back to Him.

If you do not know Jesus…please let me introduce you to Him:

MIRACLES ARE REAL – How letting go of Resentment and Anger and Being a REAL Friend can SAVE YOUR LIFE


One of my friends and I experienced a true MIRACLE that easily either saved our lives or serious injury  While sitting at a traffic light, my friend and I were in deep discussion about how to let go of resentment and anger and replace with forgiveness, compassion and Love.  When driving alone, I’m usually in a rush and hit the gas as soon as the light turns green.  On this day, I was wearing my “Life Coach” hat with an old friend sharing some serious emotional challenges directly from his heart and I was intently focused on his heartfelt words of pain and suffering.  I’m so blessed to have trained for the last four years of my life with Anthony Robbins and on July 18, 2013, it might have saved my life.  I didn’t immediately notice the light had changed to green, but my friend did and mentioned it.  It had been green for probably 3-4 seconds and I glanced to my left to watch a Jeep Grand Cherokee come barreling through the Red Light nearly hitting us.  I slammed on my breaks avoiding a collision.  It was a miracle rather than a slight coincidence hands down.  We were both in shock and promised to “write about it one day”, so I figured I would ask my friend to write a note about his experience as well…

“I would once again like to Thank you and your family for always treating me like family when we are around each other. During an unbelievable deep and cleansing conversation from our hearts about life on Thursday, July 18, 2013 when that extraordinary moment in our life took place sitting at a Red Light. You and I were so caught up in that conversation, you did not go as soon as the light turned green and by the grace of God or a higher power that delay saved us from what I believe could have been a very serious accident when the other car ran the red light. I thought about that a few times since and say again what else could it have been other than a God moment at least for me to save us that day. Blessings to you and the family.  See you soon.  Love you buddy.” – Mike P.  

Please remember a couple of things…

1. Help Others, especially friends in need

2. Look both ways at Green Lights – between Medication, Texting, Cell Phones, Distractions of Life and everything in between – People are NOT paying attention and driving around in 3,000-5,000+ lbs. killing machines while distracted, drunk, high on prescription or illegal drugs…be careful

3. Wholeheartedly Listen to others when they are sharing their hearts with you, the extra 1-3 seconds of focus could SAVE YOUR LIFE (or theirs)

I do not believe in coincidences, everything has a purpose, just like my ability to share this story today, might save one of YOUR lives one day and remember to be the BEST FRIEND you can be.  Everyone suffers, most of us, quietly, inside our own minds, afraid to share to the world the true pain and suffering we endure each day. 

Keep helping others, open up your mind and soul to true healing by talking through your personal challenges in life.  The life you save could be your own…

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