Liborio Promises American Top Team (ATT) will WIN Grapplers Quest This Saturday in CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA

I spoke to Ricardo Liborio yesterday as I stepped off the plane in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida yesterday afternoon. Liborio promised that American Top Team will STORM Grapplers Quest This Saturday in CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA and take home all team championship Titles! ATT promises to have a competitor in nearly EVERY division.

With the tremendous teams expected from Team Carlson Gracie, Pablo Popovitch, Roberto Cyborg Abreu and The Avengers, this team battle will be a WAR! Gracie Tampa led by Royce Gracie Black Belt, Rob Kahn and his head Youth Competition Team Coach, Cristina “Midget Twister” Rodriguez. ATT is coming out BIG TIME to defend and take new titles, as per Master Liborio and Avengers Super Team led by Pablo Popovitch and Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu, this event will be EXPLOSIVE!!!

“We’re so honored and appreciative of the support all of the Florida Grappling and Jiu Jitsu community helping us raise vital funds for Autism Awareness and supporting families with educational, financial, dietary and proven and effective alternative biomedical interventions. The August 20th show will pay for one child to have a full month of hyperbaric chamber therapy, which has been proven to improve behavior and speech with children with Autism. This event could possibly help an Autistic child to say ‘I love you Daddy’ for the very first time,” commented Grappling Autism Co-Founder, Brian Cimins.

Grappling Autism is the national campaign started by Paul and Brian Cimins to support, a 501c3 charitable organization helping families in need. Get more information on Autism, Diets from “The Autism Spectrum Diet” Author, CIA Graduate Master Chef, Paul Cimins.

A portion of proceeds will benefit and their national campaign to help support families dealing with the challenges, both financially, physically and mentally with Autism. Get more information on Autism at:

Don’t miss the BIG show, this Saturday in CORAL SPRINGS – get info here:

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