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Kurt Batman Pellegrino Submission Grappling Highlights at Grapplers Quest by Brian Cimins

Kurt Batman Pellegrino Submission Grappling Highlights at Grapplers Quest by Brian Cimins

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Grappling Music Video – Garry Tonon vs. Kyle Griffin Submission Grappling Highlight – Soundtrack “Get It” by Kaleb Mitchell

16-Man PRO Grappling Highlight Garry Tonon vs. Kyle Griffin Submission –
Music Sountrack “Get It” by Kaleb Mitchell
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Thank you Chris Savarese and Josh Griffiths for Becoming the First Color Commentary Team in Submission Grappling History

Thank you to my old friends Josh Griffiths and Chris Savarese for helping Grapplers Quest create the first color commentary team for Submission Grappling. You both helped inspire an entire generation of future careers and created the REAL vision for a television network to see the excitement in the sport we love. You educated fans and made us laugh, even during the less exciting matches. I remember we spent nearly 10 hours on a Sunday to make history together – thank you again for believing in what we set out to accomplish. Keep making champions at your academies and I hope to see you soon.

Check out one of the classics here:

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