WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT – How to Treat Spider Bite with Essential Oil Natural Miracle from Super Body Care

WARNING – the following video shows VERY graphic photos from a SPIDER BITE THAT I RECEIVED LAST FALL…if you are sensitive to graphic photos, please hit STOP now. This video is solely to help increase Local Spider Awareness as well as Show an Alternative Natural Treatments to avoid extensive scarring and improve healing times for Spider Bites.

I woke up early for the 6AM flight and quickly showered, then noticed I was experiencing a burning pain in my leg, but no noticeable cause. I was running late for my flight to Vegas, so I flew out the door. within 5 hours, everything changed – I was very sick on the plane and had two large blisters where my leg was burning in the morning.

in the Cab on the way to my hotel… I quickly google searched SPIDER BITE BLISTER NEW JERSEY and was BLOWN AWAY…

FIRST RESULT from eHow.com (http://eHow.com) said —-“Bites from this type of spider will cause a person to develop a hard white blister where they were bitten. Later the blister will blacken as the tissue dies. The blister will then flake off, leaving a wound that will scar. It can take up to three months for these bites to heal on their own. Open wound Infection likelihood is medium to high which is usually why Anti-Biotics are prescribed.”

LiveStrong.com (http://LiveStrong.com) which I read,
“The tissue at the site may become necrotic, which means tissue death; skin may slough off or need to be surgically removed, or debrided. Debridement is not used as frequently as it used to be, since it appears to slow healing. The wound at the bite site can become as large as a hand. The wound can take several months to heal, and may leave a scar.”

I was feeling ill by this time and fear was setting in after my GOOGLE adventure. My wife Lucia reminded me that Skin Care Specialist and Master Aromatherapist, Cheri Heberling, the owner of SUPER BODY CARE had a booth at Mr. Olympia and maybe she had some advice for a NATURAL way to treat my bite to avoid Antibiotics if at all possible.

I showed Cheri my exploded Spider Bite Blister…
And Whipped out a Hand Written bottle of the Super Body care Master Formula Essential Oil and confidently said, “it will help heal the wound and protect any further damage to tissue”

I started applying the Super Body Care Essential Oil two to three times daily and it helped save a lot of tissue on my leg and completely healed the wound and protected the surround skin in just 11 days. Super Body Care proved to me that PURE Essential Oils have TRUE HEALING properties, even for SPIDER BITES

Thank you Cheri and Super Body Care
Learn more about their Essential Oil based products at: http://SuperBodyCare.com

Meet Super Body Care Founder and Master Aromatherapist, Cheri Heberling – Business Success Case Study with Life Coach Brian Cimins

Cheri Heberling is the CEO and Founder of Super Body Care and Product Creator and a Certified Aromatherapist. In this video, Cheri discusses the history of her company and what motivated her to fulfill her vision. Super Body Care keeps skin healthy in intense athletic environments or for any person that wants the healthiest skin ever!

Super Body Care is a completely new approach to natural skin and body care. Our products are made with pure plant oils of Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavender, and Bergamot to make your skin the healthiest ever!

Find out more information on Super Body Care at: http://SuperBodyCare.com


Cheri and Super Body Care has been sponsoring Grapplers Quest since inception. On May 3, 2008, she launched her company at the Grapplers Quest Las Vegas and has been on a tear ever since. Super Body Care recently landed a mega-deal with BodyBuilding.com, which she landed back in June 2012 – check it out here: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/super-body-care.html – She is a great friend and business coaching client for life, because we believe in everything she does and helps inspire women all over the world. Keep pushing Cheri, the next generation of little girls is waiting to be inspired by YOU!

Here’s a video from a few years back where Cheri was asked about working directly with the whole Your Strategy Coach Team:

Learn more about the “Coaching For Autism” Life and Business Coaching and Strategic Intervention expertise with Brian Cimins here: http://briancimins.com or http://CoachingForAutism.org or http://AutismRadio.org

My most important role in my life is being a father, role model and leader to my two amazing children, Logan and Kaylee.

I started watching them for 15 hours a day from 7:45 AM until 10:00 PM every day. Initially it was very challenging, because I was breaking the work-at-home workaholic cycle on top of figuring out what to do to add value to their lives.

I needed to “Dad-up” and realize that I needed to not just be in the same room as the kids, but truly be PRESENT in the moment and become more lovingly interactive with them. I realized that pressing play on NetFlix and letting the kids play video games for hours while you type away on the laptop isn’t truly being present with them and they notice.

I missed so much of their life with Grapplers Quest and I decided that I wanted to become a Super Dad.

I remember seeing Jungle Gym founder, Justin Garcia giving some tips and showing fun projects from his amazing Home Schooling Program due out soon (http://MasterChim.com) and I was inspired to set out to fill my new found time with the kids with activities to engage their hearts, minds, soul and spirit.

We started doing arts and crafts, learning Spanish, comic book drawing, practicing nightly meditation, learning the solar system, playing board and card games, star gazing with telescope on clear nights, “Super Hero Training” which is basic exercises with leadership skills and several other Life Skills development programs and several other FUN activities we do together. I even reward their good behavior with Family Inclusive Video Games like Beatles Rock Band nearly every evening – I’ll write about that another blog…all in all, I’m trying to be the Best Dad I can be. I love recommendations for fun things to do – please reply with any ideas.

“It’s not coming off!” I exclaimed.

The Red Stained hands in the main picture belong to my beautiful 3-year-old daughter, Kaylee Paige Cimins who slammed down a “Do-A-Dot” marker, breaking the felt tip and causing Red Ink to flow out of the marker. She had been told several times to not slam them down, so when she broke it, she started crying and proceeded to wipe RED INK all over her face too while trying to wipe away tears. She ran into the bathroom where I was giving my son a bath nearly exactly how the picture shows, except she was screaming and crying.

First, I thought she was bleeding and freaked out….who wouldn’t, she was dripping fresh red ink from her hands and face. Once I realized what occurred and that the Red was just Do-A-Dot Marker stained, I tried to clean the ink off. First I tried to clean off her hands with Trader Joe’s Next to Godliness Hand Soap which didn’t remove any ink at all. Unfortunately, then I tried to clean her hands with Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Tea Tree Oil which removed only 15-20% of the color stains. AHHHH!!! What will I do???

ENTER MY SOLUTION —- Super Body Care’s Walnut Scrub


My daughter started crying again after Dr. Bronner soap barely did anything – she asked, “Daddy, are my hands going to be red forever?”. I calmed her down and promised her I would get it out.

Finally, I grabbed Cheri Heberling’s Super Body Care Walnut Scrub and within seconds of calmly scrubbing, the color came off…completely. She loves the smell, so she allowed me to gently scrub her face (around her sensitive skin of her eyes) as well, because she had wiped her face while crying her eyes looked like a prize fighter. It easily removed her Do-A-Dot eye makeup too.

Thank you Super Body Care for helping me look like a Super Dad to Kaylee. Check out Super Body Care products at: http://SuperBodyCare.com or purchase the Walnut Scrub directly here: http://superbodycare.com/shop/#!/~/product/category=1870672&id=8057839

Gift Ideas for VALENTINES DAY for the Woman of Your Dreams - Perfect Gift for Wife or Girlfriend

Many Companies send Free Samples to review for our blog all of the time, but I wanted to write about a particular brand new product Cheri Heberling (Founder of Super Body Care) sent last week called, Cleopatra’s Power Eau De Parfum Lotion by Super Body Care (http://SuperBodyCare.com)

I will attest to the EFFECTIVENESS of Cleopatra’s Power because all Lucia asked for Valentines Day was another full body massage. All I did was massage her temples, jaw, neck with SuperBodyCare’s Cleopatra’s Power for about 3 minutes, then used Super Body Care’s Regular Body Lotion for the rest of her body for about 12 minutes. Fifteen minutes and I was her romantic hero!

You may think I’m a corny romantic, but wait until your woman smells this new Super Body Care product – wait until YOU smell it, wait until you massage her temples with it! We all need Romance tips, me especially, and I will say that this product and a little effort can definitely enhance your connection. In committed long term relationships, we must remember that we are growing as people and the “old ways” need a refresher course every once in a while. Try something new to rekindle romance guys, don’t think it’ll turn her on to watch TV and News for three hours before bed.

Please read the description of this new product from http://SuperBodyCare.com – and pleasantly SURPRISE YOUR woman!

Super Body Care Cleopatra Power
Super Body Care Cleopatra Power
“Cleopatra’s Power eau de Parfum Lotion is now available!!

For the true tales of Cleopatra and the power and influence behind the natural aphrodisiac, Jasmine, please read below:
If you already know the story and want it pronto for Valentine’s Day, click here, we’re shipping today: http://superbodycare.com/shop/#!/~/product/category=4674110&id=19916505

True Tales of Fragrance, Seduction, and Power.

Everyone knows of Cleopatra’s sexual prowess.

One of her coveted strategies for love and war harnessed the fragrance of pure Jasmine blossoms. She adorned herself with it nearly every day.

One day, Cleopatra set sail to meet Mark Antony, the Great Roman General. She drenched her ship’s sails in Jasmine, as well as herself so that when her ship pulled into port, Marc Antony was overwhelmed with the fragrance of Jasmine, a natural aphrodisiac. As a result, he fell immediately in love with Cleopatra and left his Roman Empire for her.

Harness the power, influence, and sexual prowess captured in all settings: Love & War

Made with Egyptian Jasmine imported from Cleopatra’s homeland; and contains natural shimmer from the mineral Mica. Adorn your wrists, neck, décolleté and lower back.

Cleopatra’s Power eau de Parfum Lotion is formulated from genuine elements straight out of Egypt… we can only produce a limited quantity of them.

The Secret Cleopatra Youth Serum
Jasmine was used for amplifying the pleasure between man and woman in ancient times. For Cleopatra, it gave her both power and an erotic edge in the men she conquered both in war and in her bedroom. Cleopatra’s Power comes in a beautiful silver matte bottle equipped with a perfect parfum lotion pump. It also come dressed with a silver loop

Cleopatra was said to be the daughter of Goddess Isis. The Queen donned only the finest fashion of Egyptian and Greek cultural magnificence. Cleopatra’s Power eau de Parfum Lotion comes in a beautiful silver trim bottle 50 ml / 1.6 oz with parfum style pump. Attached by silver loop to the bottle is a small booklet introducing Cleopatra’s Power eau de Parfum Lotion and the history of Cleopatra and Jasmine.

The Ideal Gift for the Queen in your life
Cleopatra’s Power makes an ideal and a unique gift for the woman (Queen) in your life. Spice things up a little and order your Cleopatra’s Power today. We ship USPS 2-3 day priority.

Cleopatra’s Power is seasonal. Supplies Very Limited.
We can only import a limited quantity of this secret power once a year. When our supplies run out, then you’ll have to wait until next year to order.
Monday, Feb 11, is the last day we recommend to ship for Valentine’s Day.

Order now by clicking here. http://superbodycare.com/shop/#!/~/product/category=4674110&id=19916505


Don’t just tell her you love her – SHOW HER every day in every way 🙂

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