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Recommendations and Testimonials for Brian Cimins from UFC President Dana White, Donald Trump’s Apprentice, Kelly Perdew, Bruce Buffer, TapouT Co-Founder, Dan Caldwell, Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs and many more!

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Here are some Amazing professional Testimonials for Brian Cimins from UFC Dana White, Donald Trump’s Apprentice, Ten Second Songs Anthony Vincent and many more.

“We always wanted to run a UFC Grappling Tournament and we’re putting our toe in the water with the best in the submission world, Brian Cimins and Grapplers Quest” – Dana White, President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (



“Brian Cimins has created the world’s largest grappling tournament and helped push the sport of submission grappling forward. He is incredibly driven, a proven leader, creative problem solver, marketing visionary and operates with the highest integrity.”

– Kelly Perdew, Donald Trump Season 2 Apprentice Winner (


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Anthony Vincent attributes success of 100+ million Viral Video of “Ten Second Songs” to Brian Cimins (

Testimonial from Cheri Heberling, CEO of Super Body Care (

Testimonial from Bill Cooper, StrikeForce (now owned by UFC) Professional MMA Fighter Submission Grappling and Jiu Jitsu Superstar

Testimonial from Jim Kearns, World Class Videographer and Photographer:

Testimonial from Paul Cimins, Founder of 501c3 charity, Autism Radio and “Coaching for Autism” Charity Program:


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Kurt Batman Pellegrino Submission Grappling Highlights at Grapplers Quest by Brian Cimins

Kurt Batman Pellegrino Submission Grappling Highlights at Grapplers Quest by Brian Cimins

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It was a cold March in 2000 in Staten Island, New York. I arrived at 630am at the Grapplers Quest venue to find a sleeping Dan “Punkass” Caldwell in his car. It was the only way he could afford to sponsor the $1,000 prize. In October of 2000, Grapplers Quest hosted the first Pro Absolute ever. Who paid the cash prize? TapouT.

They were the original sponsor of grappling and will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you Skrape, Punkass and Mask for believing in yourselves and US all!


What TapouT Founder, Charles “MASK” Lewis meant to Me and the Grappling World by Brian Cimins

Feels like it was yesterday that we lost CHARLES MASK LEWIS

I wrote this a few days after he passed in March of 2009.

In the early days of our sport, there were many people in the MMA community that had given up, people who put everything they had into a sport that were slowly fading away, sold out, gave up or went bankrupt. Not TapouT.

During the dark ages of MMA, there were no Pay-Per-View’s, sold out venues, or mainstream sponsorship money or mass media exposure for fighters or those involved with the sport. Through the resolve of a very few, somehow the sport managed to survive, and flourish. Those of us who witnessed the birth, near death, and amazing growth of MMA in America will always be very protecting of a sport that we helped keep alive.

There are not many people in MMA that have done more to help this sport than Charles “Mask” Lewis, and there certainly has never been a corporate sponsor larger, led by his success and generosity to support up and coming fighters from the nightclub or smokers at a local school to the largest MMA stage in the world, Mask was there.

Tapout sponsored fighters and events back when there was no reason to sponsor fighters. There was no television exposure, no magazine shoots for Men’s Fitness or 6+ figure contracts with millions of people watching. Barely anyone even knew what “MMA” stood for, yet TapouT, led by “Mask” gave so much just to help out the fighters and fans of this sport.

We are all very lucky that Charles was able to have a vision for this sport and become what we all knew it could, and I hope he knew how much of this sports fate had rested on his fortitude.

To many, he was “Mask”, to me, he was just Charles Lewis, a great guy who loved Mixed Martial Arts. TapouT was Grapplers Quest’s first real sponsor and everyone that knows him; he always made you feel special. The other day, I was sending a text to one of our sponsored fighters and didn’t want to go over the 160 character limit. I signed it simply with, “Brian C.” and a deep sadness came over me, because I remembered how special Mask made me and many others feel by boldly screaming our names or nicknames every time you walked by.

My brother, Paul, called me yesterday and we reminisced about how Charles approached us at The UFC in Atlantic City (my brother’s birthday present from me) and how he made my brother feel very special sharing with him how much he loved Grapplers Quest, and will support us for life because, “You guys were there from the beginning and we gotta stick together”. He was so proud of people who went after their dreams and most importantly that you BELIEVED in yourself and your vision. That’s what made him who he was and that exact thinking was what led him to the top of the MMA world in branding, sales, sponsorship, and most importantly with FRIENDS.

He had a magical and natural ability to make people feel important, regardless of their place in life. Charles treated everyone equally and he has always been someone I tried to emulate with our success model. He and the rest of the TapouT crew would spend countless hours trying to give me advice on business and handling success, got Grapplers Quest into the first three video games through their high level relationships with the UFC and the game’s maker, and helped nearly 40-50 competitors per show be able to compete with sponsorship. Charles’ success through TapouT was fueled by his desire to grow through a positive business model, meaning as he grew he always spread his success to the people he respected the most in the world for everything they stood for, THE FIGHTERS, and the rest of us who’s lives he positively touched, are very lucky to have known him. God Rest your Soul Charles and know that your affect on our community will forever be remembered, respected, and revered as a legendary MMA businessman, entrepreneur, sponsor and most importantly, a friend we will all dearly miss.

Brian Cimins
CEO, Grapplers Quest

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