Life of a Promoter – Tough Decisions, Missed Life Events and The Strong Cimins Family that Believes in Me

One of the toughest things in my life is balancing my personal life with my event and time demanding professional life. I’m a huge fan of grappling and love to attend MMA events, but my whole family organizes events around my schedule already, so asking to skip out on other family events is really tough for me. I missed my daughter’s first birthday for UFC Fan Expo 2010, I’ve missed two of my wife’s birthdays and five of my brothers, even missed my son’s 2nd birthday party. Each time, the event was with a partner like the Ultimate Fighting Championship, so I couldn’t control scheduling.  Venues are booking in advance faster than ever and premium dates are few and far between. There are only four Saturdays in each month (five in a couple too), so I’m bound to clash with other “Life” events.

I’m balancing being a father of two amazing children, Logan (4) and Kaylee (2) and husband to an amazing woman who also works at nearly every event worldwide, my wife, Lucia Lee Cimins. If my wife cannot make the event, my cousin Rob Lehman or parents, Paul and Phyllis help hold down the fort.

Sometimes my extended family doesn’t seem to understand how demanding my life can be. I’m not like other people or family members, I don’t work 9-5 and I don’t have a boss. My job requires me to attend events on weekends to support my friends and the sport we all love. It requires 100+ hours of work per week, ten plus days per month of grinding travel – but it’s all worth it because I’m doing what I was meant to do. I’m not “missing my life”, I’m creating a long lasting career, business, brand and tv-ready sport that will forever be known as a pioneer in television, dvds, ppv and live events for the sport of grappling. I’ve achieved my dreams with HARD WORK. Anything is possible, but it takes hard work – and sometimes event tougher decisions.

This Saturday is my first cousin Alina’s Engagement Party and I have chosen to pray that they understand that I must go see the “Ultimate Absolute Grappling in New York on July 30″. My friend Rob Constance is organizing a professional 16-Man grappling tournament with a $10,000 cash prize and $1,000 per submission bonus.  Get more info here:

I love them dearly and I hope they know that, but my life is grappling and this weekend, I’m going to just be a FAN. I’m used to paying big bucks to get big name grapplers compete and $10,000 for first place is great and I can’t wait to see who turns out in the end. Uncle John, I promise not to miss the wedding and, to Alina and Adam, you know I love you guys. See everyone on Saturday!

Your Grappling Promoter, Brian John Cimins, Founder
Grapplers Quest Worldwide



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